Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just a Few Words

Just a few words on the Kong Hee vs CAD saga (yup, it is going to be one long saga...). What I learned about human nature: 1) everyone loves a "fall from grace" story, the higher ground (in this case, he has it all, loads of money, great career, luxury house...) he falls from, and the harder he falls (what, he is looking at 20 years in jail?), the better. 2) everyone has a tendency to say "I told you so..." on hindsight, or in my other words, "kicks a dying kitten". 3) There must be something really wrong with the criminal system in our country to allow him to do what he did for so long (that is, assuming he really did what the CAD said).

Now, what I am truly worried about: having a large group of people coming together in a single mind and belief; the call of conflict. What our Home Affairs Minister, DPM Teo Chee Hean, said at the beginning is sound advice:

'I would like to stress that the charges filed by CAD are against five individuals from the City Harvest Church (CHC) regarding the use of Church funds. They are not filed against CHC itself. The CHC is free to continue its church services and activities.'

But this few good lines were left undone by these words:

No offence intended. But from a by-stander's point of view, the pastor or pastors have slim or no concern at all for the mental well-being  of CHC's congregation, who are the only proven victims at this point of time, putting CHC in the line of fire. The lines have blurred between Kong Kee and CHC, between the pastors' support for Kong Hee and each individual worshipper's thought, which should be respected and entitled to, not brazenly stolen or misrepresented by religion.

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