Sunday, June 24, 2012

France Crashes Out

Now, whatever plan the France team has in mind against the free-flowing Spaniards, we will never know if it works, such is the quality of its execution. Spain's sound tactic also has a big say in this rather dull quarter-final, dominating ball possession, winning the ball back as soon as losing it. In other words, it played it safe - which is not a bad thing, mind you. Again, Spain started with no striker, but managed to sneak in a goal as early as the 19th minutes, courtesy of Xabi Alonso. I was hoping for a France's breakthrough from its most likely source, Franck Ribery, which never materialised. Such was the technical and tactical superiority of Spain that I began to think that only England, with its defence playing with heart, bites and commitment in its tackles and closing in, may just be able to force a draw out of a dramatic final. But you never know which side of England will turn out. I hope Roy Hodgson will start with Andy Caroll though, to hold and lay off the ball for the flying wingers, while Parker and Stevie put up another stirring performance protecting the back four - see how predictable England is, but it works. Sometimes, the only way to pit against sublime skill is a performance fills with blood, sweat and luck. But first, England has a tough fight on its hand against its bitter rival, Italy.

No, I say, even if the German goal machine reaches the final, its suspected defence will not suffice to stop The Red Fury. Please, don't get me started on Portugal's porous defence, Spain's semi-final opponent.

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