Saturday, June 16, 2012

England's Woe

Just watched the England vs Sweden match. A notion fell into my lap: why am I wasting my time on two teams that will not win the European Cup? England, honestly, was more than a notch below a team like, say, Denmark, which impressed me with their passing game against Portugal, and were most unfortunate to lose. If England will to win the tournament, and that is a big "if", credit must go to Roy Hodgson, for doggedly relying on England's traditional strength at set-pieces and a resolute defence. They are obviously not easy on the eye, conceding possession easily, even to a team like Sweden, which lack invention in the last third of the field; no wonder Zlatan Ibrahimovic has to drop deep in a playmaker role. How delicious a cake is, has a lot to do with the ingredients in it, apart from having the perfect recipe and baker. England just don't have the right players at the moment.

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