Friday, April 05, 2019

How to Forget Your Ex.

How to Forget Your Ex.

A pond of her tears
to fish.

A fish of our past
swims out of reach.

A reach of bridge
where our ghosts seek.

A seek without hide
where the sleepless sleep.

A sleep of loss too deep
to slip.

P.S.: I write until I don't know what I am writing about...

Thursday, April 04, 2019

How I Count the Ways I Love You

How I Count the Ways I Love You

How my hair stands up each time
our hands pass, not touch.

How our eyes watch each other
like friends found after a few lifetimes.

How your lips spread an ocean
wide of language to dive in.

How your ears listen to my heart
getting closer, closer.

P.S.: Written in a heartbeat...

Monday, March 25, 2019

Post-dated Poems

Don't Complicate

Even the flowers smile, don't think,
just dance with the wind,
put down your pen, your
life, don't hide - nothing
is worth it. The world
is only as small as
your head. Don't grow
it bigger; don't complicate.

- written on 23 Mar 2019, Saturday


Everybody must be a cook
in their lifetimes,
once in a while.
Not the cook who uses
a silent microwave, a harbinger
of a world's end.
But one with a wok
that creates a racket
feeding a war or sword
-play in chinese kungfu
dramas. Though it is the
smoke that is blinding
yet essential to raise
meanings to what we do
not know, yet do.

- written on 10 Mar 2019, Sunday.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Other Side / You Were Wrong

The Other Side

Stand at a traffic light.
Wait for the whole world
To stop. Then you will
Die. The smoke that rushes
By. You turn invisible
In the drivers' eyes.
As a ghostly green
Man calls out, you get
To the other side.

P.S.: A poem has a revelatory function. That is, it pushes you to see everyday humdrum in a different len. Such that even for something as simple as crossing a road will never be the same again.

You Were Wrong

You were wrong. Like a right
shoe must be worn
on the right foot.

You were wrong. You said you
do not know how
much my love weighs

when you always have
it in your palm.

P.S.: Now this one I am not too proud of: a little too much of Lang Leav, don't you think? One of the first thing I learned, and came to know later I was mistaken, about the difference between prose and poetry is, of course, line-break: the first and second lines read together would pose a surprise twist to the first by itself, and so on. But then, there is prose poetry. "You were wrong. Like a right / shoe must be worn" - my favourite lines. And like I read somewhere before, the poet has only a vague idea of the ending in the process of writing. So I will not be too hard / on myself.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Nothing Works

in a library

silence has no mouth
only opens a book
to sing a lullaby

behind closed eyes
cold air slowly
lifts as you sit

in a book now

- 20 Jan 19

Here, not completely recovered from an illness, hoping to write something in fatigue-tied delusion. Nope. Nothing works. 

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Ass Covering

Strangely, I hit a point where I felt chagrined reading my posts. A feeling I am not used to...

A friend's predicament with his management prompted me to examine my values under subordination in the workplace. Hence, I found a need to jog these down:

1) One of my first building block: trust. Now, my trust in my superior is almost, if not always, blind. I figured out long time ago, that this is the best way in turn to earn his/her trust. That is my first step towards our "meeting point". Without this "meeting point", the common space and time where we can work together, I believe, things will not get done. And isn't this why we are in the office, to get things done?

2) We, the management, my superior (s) and my colleagues, are all "on the same boat". It does not matter to me who paddles the hardest to keep things afloat. And to determine whether my colleague is doing a good job or not, is not really my authority. In fact, if I feel required to cover for him or her, I will. Of course, this is to be done with his or her approval. This is called team spirit. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses - this is the best way to leverage on each other.

And in both of these aspects, I have to be grateful to my superiors for their trust and belief in team spirit - God knows how many times they have covered my ass!

3) I was telling the same friend that all managers or superiors, each has his own strengths and weaknesses, as a person, or in his management style. So do the staff, or myself, in how we react to them. Hence, in my opinion, the best circumstance is where each has found the right match in the relationship. Otherwise, there will have to be compromises from both parties. Of course, if not, you can always leave for greener pasture.   

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

So Many Things / A Short Book Review

So Many Things

There are so many things
I want to do but only with you
like watching the sea
so much time to kill.

There are so many things
we can be but only with you
I am everything
only in your view.

P.S.: Written in a half-drunk bout. Well, at least it has a rhyme scheme.


Currently reading "The Philip Yeo Story - Neither Civil Nor Servant". Now, where should I start? He is very focused on what he wants to do: creating jobs, by bringing in foreign investment with what I call "one-stop" industrial parks (Jurong Island and Batam are two good examples), and grooming local talents (him and his famous EDB, and more lately, the A*star scholarships - I know it, sex appeal sells! If you have seen his advertisement using a FHM model!). He is free-spirited, a law-breaker to get things done. And definitely not a typical local civil servant. He is just not civil enough. And a servant to our country he is, the way he always has his countrymen's interest in his heart.