Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weekend-is-Coming's Ranting

Weekend-is-coming's ranting. Now, I would be very surprised if Liverpool manages to win the EPL this season. A sad fact of life: In the end, there can only be one winner, and he or she is almost always the strongest, the best; there is no second best.

I keep saying that I want to watch one of the movies from the on-going Japanese Film Festival, but just couldn't find the time, all of which filled with work, TV watching ("The Mentalist" rocks! Otherwise, spacing out.), running, after-work fatigue, etc. But I have plan for this weekend: Japanese movies-appreciation bends around running at MacRitche, EPL on cable even. Keeping my fingers crossed.

September will be a busy month. First, running. First weekend is the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run. Really looking forward to it. Then today, I got myself into my organisation's 5 KM charity run, end of September. Then, it's work. And studies, which is another story.

On another note, I was reading "The lies that build a marriage" by Suchen Christine Lim and found it's themes interesting, but the language's usage rather simplistic. That was when I realised what poets the likes of Cyril Wong and Gilbert Koh have done to me (Poetry, by its nature, is intense, condensed, and has that inexpressible quality in language.).


The Hungry Bitch said...

Could be Chelsea this yr...

mrdes said...

Better Chelsea than Manu:P

I am becoming an anything-but-Manu...heehee