Sunday, August 23, 2009



Because I am learning how to love.

Because I want to hear your every heartbeat.

Because I find myself lost in your perfumed language.

Because I see your every move in the grace of wind.

Because I see you are who you are, I am only who I am.

Because my heart wakes to a flurry of battle drums.

Because my longings flutter to your bedside each night.

Because my heart's baggage only contains pictures of you.

Because my eyes gleam as a little child's at brilliant stars.

Because my poems are all about the sky and sea of you.


P.S.: Yup, I stole again, brazenly: source. Or rather, that was the trigger.

Much, much later...Now I know: the repetition does not work.


The Hungry Bitch said...

As long as not word by word not considered plagarism. At least I enjoyed it.

mrdes said...

Agreed, agreed. Glad you enjoyed it.