Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cyril Wong's Like A Seed with its Singular Purpose

I believe, for a poetry lover and beginner - which I am - he'd surely find this Cyril Wong's collection engaging, as his poems are personal and evocative, and at times, breathtakingly brilliant: think "for nusrat fateh ali khan". Then, there is that stunning "before the Afterlife", though there are some rather abstract pieces, like "if...else", which escaped my mind's grasp like greasy eels.

I rated "Like A Seed with its Singular Purpose": 4.5/5

(Extracted from "before the Afterlife": Cyril wrote of the wind chimes in the apartment he lives with his partner.)

For now, allow me to only imagine waking
to that subtle, glowing tune, or dozing

to its lullaby in the dark. When you are off to work
or not yet home, it would be a kiss deep in my ears

when you are not there - a lingering comfort, shiny
echo of feeling, the distant music of stars.

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