Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kichiku: Banquet of the Beasts

It starts with the incessant throb of a Japanese drum, which quickens and slackens in accord with the storyline.

It spirals, out of control, into hell hole. Senseless. Violent. Numbed. There is a style in it all. Senseless. Violent. Numbed. You became indifferent. You forgot when you became indifferent. Does the indifference make me stronger? The notion crossed my mind. Some in the audiences laughed with the gore, the extremity. I didn't. I couldn't. I drew no pleasure. Just numbed. Just stunned. Yet in deep thought. Senseless. Violent. Numbed. All extreme. All ingenious. Again, I was stunned.

P.S.: So, I've finally kick-started this year's Japanese Film Festival with Kichiku:Banquet of the Beasts. It was "Audition" all over again


Old Beng said...

Have you watched the Korean film "Old Boy"? What's your view?

mrdes said...

Yes, in fact I did. The shocking twist in the plot all engrossed in vengeance - can't imagine anybody would go to that extent. Funny at times, and the violence when he cut his tongue...gosh. But not as senseless or extreme...

You watched it? How do you like it?

Old Beng said...

First time when I watched it, it shocked me totally cos I wasn't really expecting much.

Korean movies sometimes really kick me real hard but I like.