Friday, June 05, 2009

Just Another Lame Joke, or whatever it is.

I am really in no mood for humour tonight. I was writing a "comical" piece about my experience with sexual harassment at the office when I suddenly stopped and deleted whatever I wrote. Funny how life turns out. I'd always thought myself as a joker, yet end up as sulky face. Though deep down, I always know I was never really funny, just lame. Then again, what is the purpose of a joke, if only to provoke a little laugh. If not from others, at least from ourselves. Yes, I laugh at my own crappy jokes

As the day at the office ended, most of my colleagues were rushing off to catch their transport. PW, a female co-worker close to forty of age I think, who sat near the door, was still hard at work, though we knew there wasn't much to do. So I asked, "So why aren't you going?" "Why?", she replied, half in doubt of what I was getting at. Holding up my copy of TODAY, I pointed to some pictures of women in only their lingerie, and quipped: "To the 'Big Bra Sales', of course!" She only laughed and protested in jest with cries of "sexual harassment!"

I have no idea, even now, did she truly understand my inference.

Now, is that lame or what? Or really sexual harassment at work? (pun accidental, really.)

Let the truth be told.

P.S.: I scanned through some of my old posts, and it was obvious that most of them which readers left comments with had something to do with humour. I guess we all look for some read to wind down or for pleasure at the end of a hard day.

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