Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Invasion

The humble trees, heads lowered,
Whisper in the nocturnal wind,
Their plans of invasion.

One suggests, maybe we should
Enlist the dogs and cats,
Of course we can't trust them;
They are all beholden to
You know who!

Having said that, promises of
Bones and fishes no end,
Would tip the scales a little,
Yes, we can give freely
All of which they can't.

The birds hear them as if
In a dream, preen themselves,
Spread their wings, spread the news
To the dogs, to the cats,
To seize the world in their paws.

The trees are dying, the birds
Are fading, so why don't you
Spare a thought for the good
Of all and the goods of
Bones and fishes.

Alas! They are not moved!
The dogs snarl, the cats sneer,
In laughter of ridicule,
As if my bowl is empty,
What a life we're living!

Now we know why the crafty cats
Chase the birds to stop their talks,
And the faithful dogs pee
On trees in utter mockery.

And so the invasion stalls.

P.S: Say, I wonder is the environmental protection message too obvious. And there is the short-sightedness of man.

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