Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The 50-Word Poem

On a bus trip
home, headphones
book opened
on poetry writing.
what is poetry?
I never understood, still
never will.
Not for lack of
trying. Now,
this sounds pathetic.
In the same manner
see this world.
Like the hag
by the door,
one eye


The Horny Bitch said...


mrdes said...

haha...this is just a poetry writing exercise...write anything, 50 words. Don't sweat over it.

Bel Esprit said...

My 5o word poem:

Drop your hands,
Else I will pull down your pants!
Leave me alone,
Or I will hit you with a stone.
Stay where you are,
While I get off the car.
Don’t say a word,
or you’ll be hurt.
Give me back my bag,
Or you’ll get a tight slap!

mrdes said...

Hi bel esprit,

Wow, yours actually rhymes! But why so angry? Like a spat with Bf...heehee

Bel Esprit said...

LOL. No la...just wanted it be something different. Normally poems are very slow, descriptive often with some value in life they are talking about? Hmm..LOL