Monday, September 15, 2008

The World This Week - Part I

mrdes: "Good Evening (*one brow arches, head tilts stylishly to one side*). You are tuning in to The World This Week. First, over the Causeway. Following the arrests under draconian internal security laws of opposition lawmaker Teresa Kok (Hello!? All the policemen in Malaysia blind or what? Arresting her over allegations that she complained about the noise of morning prayers at a mosque? Like that also can?), Malaysia's leading blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin (this guy power man! Said the Deputy Prime Minister has something to do with the Mongolian woman's death!), and journalist Ms Tan Hoon Cheng, who was subsequently released,(*breathless, suck in much needed air*; #@?! bloody scriptwriter!) a Cabinet minister who criticised the arrests offered his resignation.

Minister Zaid Ibrahim, who is in charge of legal affairs,(Wow! This old man really got balls, man! Maybe, there is some sordid motive here? Another mole planted by Anwar?) said that the government was wrong to use the Internal Security Act:

"The ISA is open to abuse. If we cannot be fair in implementing it, then we should confine its use to terrorists." (Bravo! Bravo! Er, excuse me, like who? No terrorists in Malaysia leh? And you can tell that to the Lee's Dynasty!*)

*This ISA, I was, on more than one occasion, disturbed by the fact that the Lee's Dynasty decimated its political opponents using legal means - like ISA - starting with the Chinese-educated party arrested on suspicion of pro-communist activities for the senior Lee's first political victory.

Next on, home news. Singapore’s overall unemployment rate rose for a second consecutive quarter to 2.3 per cent amid economic uncertainties. However, there was a record number of 144,600 jobs created in the first half of this year, compared to 113,800 in the same period last year (Er,okay. So, where have all the jobs gone to?). The Ministry of Manpower said the numbers were driven by robust building activities as construction jobs rose by a record 22,400 in the quarter (Oh, that's where they have gone to? More Thai, Indian, PRC construction workers? Look, I've nothing against foreign workers, but using this positive to plaster over the cracks of locals' high unemployment? I smell feel-good, propaganda-like journalism!)"

Note to readers: The above should not be in any way taken out of context, or distorted for any political purpose, or coffee-shop talk. That is, if you have actually read that much of this irrational, meaningless ranting on a stuffy, stifling Monday night.

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