Monday, August 01, 2005

Talking Disagreement

Now I really have to get something off my chest. The Screamer/Schemer has been on the ball for sometime now. I feel that she has been barking up the wrong tree - namely me. I don't know what is eating her, but I feel that she has been picking on me, trying to underline and highlight every little mistake I made. For God's sake, who don't make mistake? What matters are the materiality and the impact. I always said that if mistakes are made - first, try to assess and rectify the resulting problem, secondly, to minimise the impact of the error, thirdly, to put in preventive measures for future happenings and lastly, to learn what there is to learn for it. The Screamer / Schemer clearly operates differently - she jumps in, screaming for blood and pointing her finger at any and every flaws she could find. Perhaps, I have nudged her on unwittingly, by committing the ultimate sin - talking back and disagreeing. Perhaps, she feels a loss of face every time I do that, which is getting more and more often and I don't know exactly why I do that - only that I feel I have to be fair to myself and her by agreeing with her allegations only when it seems fair and standing my ground when I feel otherwise. And I made sure that I made my stands known, even to the extent of admitting my errors when I truly felt so. Obviously, my antics do not go down well with her and I guess a confrontation is looming. And it is only inevitable. Anyway, things are way beyond my control. After all, she is the one having problem, not me.

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