Thursday, August 04, 2005

Top of the World

It was teeming for nearly the whole morning, which chilled the air - you can even feel it in an office - and harassed you to hit the pillow. With weekend approaching, everyone seemed to be in a good mood. I was generous with my smiles, but remained unapproachable; that is to a certain extent, the way I want to be, at least in the office. Hitler’s Young beamed - for what reason, I had absolutely no idea - as she stood behind me while I imparted my job knowledge to a colleague. But I thought I impressed with my mentoring techniques, complete with questions to test my colleague's understanding. But I guess the truth is that I felt good and was comfortable with myself. There wasn't any slip of self- doubt or confidence - I like that, which carried me through the day. Even when I overslept during lunch, only to be smirked at sarcastically by a colleague, failed to dampen my enthusiasm. My conversations with my so-call customers were lifted - I thought they could feel it. Maybe that is how life goes, depending on the mixture of chemicals or hormones in our tiny brain cells to determine our happiness, to lift us to the top of the world. I am reminded of an old song that goes something like this: "I am on the of the world, looking... down on the...only explanation I can find... it's the world that I found...ever since you been just put me on the top of the world" I sure put myself on top of the world.

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