Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Re-appearance

She appeared again, when I never thought that she would. To think that she actually changes her class to my, you would think that it is destiny. This time, I noticed she wears sliver earrings - exquisite, classy, yet affordable. Like before, she whirled in just before class started and only saw me the second time she came to the front to sign her attendance. My eyes met hers and they clearly indicated my surprise - the term had already started without her in sight, until now, that is. Apparently, she could not catch up with the other class after missing the first lesson - the lecturer was to blame, she said, for assuming that they know their fact well for the previous paper, or whatever. It does not matter; she is here.

I have not noticed the last time how fair her skin is, almost translucent, with high eye brows and distinct features on her face. She has always given me the impression that she is young and easily influenced, so she is always on the lookout for fun, adventure and experience. When she is in the mood for words, she can't seem to stop. When I first knew her, I thought she was my chance for love, only to end up disappointed. Well, almost, for I was cautious not to lose my head and emotion over her. Looking back, it was a wise thing to do and the right one too, for it was not so long later, when I saw a man, presumably her suitor, waiting for her after class. I was not too surprised - the young and pretty ones are taken up quite quickly nowadays, leaving the bottom of the pot for us to scrape. But I am not complaining. There is bound to be some who have somehow escaped the eyes of the beholders and that is where I would come in for the kill. Hopeful - maybe. Naive - must probably.

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