Friday, April 15, 2005

A letter sent to Heaven

To the Wise One* in Heaven,

I like to firstly, express my most sincere appreciation to the Wise One for taking the time out from your busy schedule to read a letter from your very humble servant. It is with great honour and endearment that I wrote this letter requesting to appear before you to bare my soul and heart. May I have your permission then, to see you eye to eye, to sit beside you, to talk to you man to man. If it may please you, my cosy dream would serve as a vehicle for our meetings, for as far as the sail in my soul could take me, it could not take me to heaven.

I confess that I was never a believer, I just embrace the values of your creation that is this world, yet I am lost and confused, so I now seek your enlightenment as a last recourse. I ask not merely for any desire to be satisfied but rather, a compromise. Barter trade in the mortal sense: a one to one exchange of my most precious possession for another immensely beyond my reach. It is with all the hope and despair in my heart that I wish for love to come to all mankind, for Wise One, I am tormented. Engulfed with sorrow, I took one look at my past and those lonely, lifeless souls who passed me on the street, only to see the emptiness in the eyes. I plead for a little bit of compassion, for my heart is drenched in pain as I write this letter. I know that one’s destiny is in one’s own hands and there is a reason for this, as there is for everything. The question remains whether I have done my part, but I refused to indulge in self-pity, so I can only remind myself regularly to hold on to hope. So Wise One, in exchange for love to come to us, I would in turn, offer you my worldly knowledge and wisdom, for with all I know, I could not remove the deepest thorn in my heart. Therefore, with your amiable approval, this world we come to know would be a much better place for you and the whole human race. And for that, we would be eternally grateful.

*Refers to a heavenly entity who is neither God nor Buddha or an Immortal.

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