Tuesday, April 19, 2005


As much as I want to get away from everything, I also realised that the passing of time spares noone, such is the cruelty of nature. Mum came down with a bombshell last Saturday - asking me to get a 3 rooms flat with my CPF,as with her failing health and ever raising age, she is having difficulties in maintaining our current 4 rooms flat. I did not fight or even move, such was my calmness. Maybe because my eyes have always been opened to see the white hairs gaining on her crown over the years. Inside my heart, I know things have to change, but as things could have it,I never did move, until now, that is. That is how proactive I am. I have always live for the moment, not planning far ahead. Just like the frog waiting for a kiss from a Princess to be turn into a Prince, I am just waiting for that spark to brighten up my life, which may or may not come. And as I used to say:"What comes next, so be it."

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