Monday, March 21, 2005

A chance for love

I would never have expect her to sit beside me again. I thought the last time she did so was a one-off thing as it usually is. She was, as normal, rushing in at the last few seconds before class started, catching her breath and asking me for the seat. I was slightly taken back, but looking back now, I was myself partly to be blamed for the situation.
The first time I noticed her was on one of the earlier revision class. There was her, long hair, ears with no accessories and bright looking eyes, walking through the door. I found my eyes following her slow movement to a seat in the far corner. She did not look uninterested, just neutral. Prehaps it was still early, especially on a Sunday morning. Once in a while, before the class started, I would turn my head towards her to steal a look; there was a familarity about her which no words could describe. Then, once, she caught me and I turned quickly to face the front.

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