Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Back to work

It's back to work. The mind needs to adjust to the harshly changed environment. One tries to focus on the present, not the past or the future, but tends to reflect on what was taught and learnt. This in-camp has proved to be fruitful spiritually. Things are replayed like recorders in a room that is my brain.
On this land we live, things can be stressful, as all you see once you step out of your house, are buildings and more buildings: no ever-changing landscape, no daily growth of living things. A friend lamented that we never learn how to appreciate the little things in life and to see how wonderful just being alive is. We like to think that we are somehow invincible and above nature: avoiding the passing of sickness and death. Once, he was driving his mates back home from camp when his sight came upon those long rows of flowers on the divider which we seldom stopped to see and said, "Look, the flowers are smiling at us." The small group went quiet and looked through the window at the flowers, all deep in thoughts.These are the moments that we relish and live for; such is the beauty of life. Looking back, life could have been simple. Times could be spent with your friends and love ones talking under the night sky, dancing on the moon among the stars, listening to the whistling wind and smiling back at the flowers.

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