Thursday, March 17, 2005

What I have learned S/N 01

What I have Learned:

1)About Love... Love is not attachment. When someone tells you: "I can't live without you...", it is attachment, not love. Love is never about "I" and always about the other party. It is an offer to make the one you love, happy for the rest of her or his life. It is a life mission. Having these in mind, rejection becomes only a choice of how she decide to treat your offer. Nothing more, nothing less. And more so should you pursue and express your love,if only to make someone happy.

2) About life... I hope this does not sound too familar: Life can be a prison, a battleground or a duty. But to be happy,it should be a game. What is important at the end, just before we leave this world, is the relationships you have. Passion for life and learning go hand in hand with your relationships with others.

3) About marriage... The work of expectation: Having expectation of your partner in a marriage may be a healthy sign. Like an accounting system, expectation exists as a check in balancing the score in a relationship;making sure that not one party is giving all the time. Then again, there is is always exceptions to rule. A lot is still based on communication and understanding, without the expectation being spelled out clearly.

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