Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Some Poetry

To Explain My Silence

Given a mic I would
shout out: "Oh, how
lonely I feel!"
Nobody would


Mother always said
To always listen to my

Teacher. My teacher
Once told me :"There is

Only one Fandi"
I listened and understood:

“So I cannot be a


When I close my eyes

the darkness is my flaw,
my extension, my pool.

It is only mine
to make wrong, to keep,
to dive; no other
can see how deep, how empty,
as it waits to fall
once and never again.

a body is cold,
closer to death,
without a body
to hold.


The wind only speaks clearly
when morning arrives, brings
its meaning to light. Trees
are moved and birds chatter
in excitement; I no longer
hear myself as clearly
as when the dark cave
of night echoes.


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