Sunday, April 14, 2013

March Poems

I think this is but an indication of a sick society:

On another note, wrote these in March 13:


smell the green freshness
of the naked leaves shivering
in the brisk wind

taste the fading light
of twilight in my skin
while birds call out
their good-byes
like salt in bland soup

hear the train station's
circuitry like a siren rushes
through a listless street

suddenly rudder-less
the body is an empty boat
wading in a sea
of restless souls.


For Me To Know

You plant a smile
on my lips firmly - watch it
glow like a lightbulb.
In brightness I have nowhere
to hide, except in the hem
of a small crack of laugh,
my embarrassment
wrapped in enchantment
in the mere presence
of your words unfurled
stinging scarlet ears.


Lead Actress

Drama unwraps in smallest degree
in this private audition
from the things he steal:
a glance, a smirk, a satisfaction
from the first person
to discover a buried treasure
unexpectedly; one can almost
see an arm arching across
the nape of her neck, another hand
shields her beautiful face
from the deepest sin
only he sees in the hungry
eyes of others squeezing in
for a last look-in,
as the curtain raises where
she is the lead actress on his stage,
or at least that's what he sees.


Last Page

I sit near the end of your
pages as your words mumble
like river, the water cool
and sweet - the fruit
of my mind's labour. Yet
regret comes like 
a shadow to the fruit tree
jagged, blurry
which often occurs at
the end of journeys.


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