Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dark Notes and Bright Notes

This is shocking:

Certainly, some big corporation must be behind it, given the monumentality of the task.

And if you are a regular runner, you would no doubt agree with me that terrorism has no place in mass run:

On a bright note, caught a performance of "Butterfly Lovers" at Esplanade, and an old passion has been re-ignited: got to go look for the violin concerto in my CD rack.

And this is truly great...

Sometimes, it is the small thing in life that makes a big difference.


I reach out
and it aches,
not familiar
to this familiarity;
gone off-track;
these fingers are
not these fingers

- mrdes, 17 Apr 13

Somewhere between an awakened and a sub-conscious life, an image, or a motif reach out, and you are not you. The poem is more than this, of course, and I can't explain it.

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