Saturday, January 19, 2013

It Happened Last Night

We love, therefore we enjoy. Every detail and every space in time, lie every tiny pleasure. It's an ordeal, as you torture your body physically, suffer bruises and bumps along the way. But you lose yourself in it, all heart and soul, and the way the heart pumps and pumps for thinning air.

I would do it again. Anytime.

It looks kind of silly: ten grown men all in one big room of four empty walls, no furniture, they crazy-chase almost non-stop after a crazy-eluding cotton and synthetic-coated, air-loaded corner-less mass, with the only aim of putting it in a net. That is Futsal. And in my case, it all happened at The Cage last night.

And a new acquaintance asked how often we do this. To which I quipped,"Er, like once in a blue moon?".

So, did you see the colour of the moon last night?

P.S.: My blogging mojo is back, all in a sudden.

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