Saturday, December 29, 2012

The World Needs Me, As I Need It.

The only thing best
to do is to be
myself: wingless,
grounded, faithless yet
full of pride and belief
that the world needs me
as I need it.

- 29 Dec 12

So back to myself, yes. What about myself? No, nothing much really. But that is just me. And that is all that matters.

So much to write, so much wrongs. Where do I begin? From myself. How can I change what's happening? That India's medical student who was gang-raped died. I couldn't have done anything. Does Ms Sylvia Lim have a case against the PAP's wholly owned AIM? Now, we know how transparent PAP are. Come on, leave it to the political parties to sort it out. We, the citizens, only get to have our say every five years. Then again, how neutral is SPH? Hey, back to me, yes, back to me. Have a great run from Botanic Garden (Bukit Timah gate) to Garden By the Bay this morning. And that is all that matters.  

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