Friday, November 23, 2012

Just Another Update

I thought I could advise Mr Ng Boon Gay on his court case. No, I am no lawyer. And who am I to advise a former CNB chief? But, seriously, it is as clear as day that he is putting his family through hell. And it doesn't take a judge to disbelieve his words in court. For starters, it's beyond me to imagine that he had no knowledge of the abbreviation of Ms Sue's company when he signed his authorisation. His lies, may I say so, are simply too glaring. And mind you, it is only when you have something to hide, that you lie. So as I read the news report online, I can't help but imagine the legion of unlawful affairs he keeps locked up in his astute mind. I have to said that it is just a matter of time before he trades his proud uniform for white shirt and blue shorts. Might as well just get it over with, don't you think?

Say, does having sex in a car save you from being caught? Any answer out there?


I watched a number of great films recently, though Cold War (寒戰) comes out top easily. Tony Leung Ka Fai's performance simply took my breath away and alone is worth the ticket price. Another was Skyfall. Hard to imagine that it was my first James Bond's movie. You wonder if you have walked into the wrong theatre: no babe, no gadget except for a James Bond's exclusive gun. But it has valuable assets like a great plot and relevance. Indeed, the greatest enemy that every nation now fears is the faceless terrorist that "hides in the shadow". The world of James Bond has to change, such are the progresses in the sexual revolution (such a primitive phrase, don't you think?) and technology. I must say that the director / script-writer (s) has updated the James Bond's tradition pretty nicely.


Two good novels to recommend: "Life of Pi" (the big-screen adaptation by Lee Ang is highly anticipated) and Yoko Ogawa's charming "The Housekeeper and the Professor". I especially enjoyed the latter.     

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