Sunday, October 28, 2012

Poems I Just Have to Write

Flowing, Flowing

I realised suddenly I've never
wrote anything specifically
for myself; as a gift as a
consolation for my life
of failures, no doubt
ordinarily normal in
every sense possible
I swim or rather
drift afloat in
the sea of living,
every written word my
drop shines of memories
not wanting to stop
flowing, flowing

- mrdes, Thursday, 25 Oct 12

(Edited on 28 Oct 12)

P.S.: About my mediocre writing life. Kind of negative, life of failures, anyone? But it's rather normal, or easier, to see the negative things in one's life. Seeing beautiful things is more rewarding, hence, more demanding.


You Should Have No Name

You should have no name.
You have the face of the sun,
The scent of fresh Spring,
You read the text on my heart.

You should have no name.
You grow pieces of yourself
In places we've been, run the clock
Faster to leave me behind in a dream.

You should have no name.
The nights live only for you,
And for you the moon cuts
A deeper impression.

And you, you should have no name.

- mrdes, 28 Oct 12, morning.

P.S.: Woke up with the lines,"You should have no name. / You have the face of the sun", though fuzzy at best. Still, I felt compelled to put these in writing. Read like a series of allegations, don't you think?

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