Saturday, October 20, 2012

So the Scholar Says...

I thought he is one smart guy, but it seems that he has not learned anything from NUS. Looking at point no. 1, he states "Take the law into your own hands.", you wouldn't think that he is (or was?) a law student. Freedom is not happiness, mind you. Freedom is over-rated. The United States of America is a classic example. That is why China would never embrace Christianity; Buddhism with its doctrine on karma (or in other word, retribution) suits its vast land of people perfectly - alright, I am digressing. And about point no. 5, oh man, he is so wrong, for one, I have tons of hobbies outside work: running, soccer, reading, writing, poetry. And who wants to "grow your own crops, hunt, or fish and survive day by day" and going by which, live a secluded life? Pure idealism - I was once like him, I know. But, if you think about it a little further, perhaps, due to our land shortage - no mountains, hence no mountain climbing, or hiking etc -  or geographical position - no winter sport etc - in which Malaysia suffers the same fate, there is a limit to the things we can do in Singapore, compared to some other countries.

And about point no. 6, he is just being naive: it's the same everywhere, politic is dirty and all about power; those at the bottom of the pack will only get their dregs after those at the top have their fills and have the need to give out some "peanuts" to tame their circus act that is the general public. Strangely, I get called “bro” a lot and see plenty of smiles. Singaporeans are generally friendly and harmless, really. The rest of us, well, self-centredness is only but a global phenomenon.

Now, I have no wish to go on and on. I don't see the point really. This blog writing, though at times rather lame, is already the very proof of creativity, and my ventures into classical music and poetry are not measurable by numbers, the last time I checked...

Now, I am even beginning to suspect that "Bro" Alvin Tan, didn't actually write the article.

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