Friday, October 19, 2012

Heaven or Hell


The most unlikely bodies to wings,
Then perhaps not, those gifts of heaven,
Creatures of dreams, innocence of
A clean-bright soul flapping,
Sit on wheels, lamps for eyes,
Visiting our world for the first time,
Hands and legs running all around,
Speaking their own language.

- mrdes, 25 Sep 12, Saturday.

I was thinking of babies on wheels when I wrote this, thinking of how the heart seems to be filled with a pure joy every time I see one of them around, their innocence flapping, and I can relate them easily with cherubs.

It seems like sex is permanently in the news nowadays, most notable was the ASEAN Scholar (9 A1s, wow!) and his not-so-sexy girlfriend, or fuck buddy, or whatever. Then, there was the second case of a female teacher having a sexual relationship with her 15 years old student. I don't know what all this means, perhaps, we all love sensationalised news, and the media is pouring out what we love. Perhaps, nowadays, there is nothing news-worthy in our little island, and we all need a little "excitement". Perhaps, it is all a conspiracy to, you know, blunt the political savvy of our innocent citizens. Alright, "innocent" is not the right word here, I fully agree. Material greed in term of sexual gratification is but a sign of a society submerged in monetary strength, but ultimately, morally inept. It's a trade-off, I think.

And Earth is either a heaven or a hell, in our eyes only. But when I look into those cherubic babies's eyes, I always see heaven.

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