Monday, September 24, 2012

One to Add to My Chronicle of Embarrassing Moments

I was at the newly opened "The Star Vista" this afternoon for a simple dinner with KL. We decided on "Owl Café". The refreshment and food served were alright and at a reasonable price, and our talks about recent happenings in our little lives came fast and furious. Before long, dark fell and it was time to go - the Liverpool versus Manchester United was calling - when I asked for the "check". Or so I thought I said. The young student-waitress was like going "what?", so I repeated myself. Yet again, she returned a puzzled look. That was when KL interjected:"Bill. The bill, please." One hand cupping her dropping jaw of laughs, the waitress trotted off. Oops.

P.S.: Note to me: this is Singapore and I am a true-blue Singaporean male, we don't say "check" when asking for the bill in restaurants, or any places, in fact. We are taught the Queen's English in school, in case you wonder. No, I wasn't showing off my language command. But look where it got me into.

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Anonymous said...

I think now-a-days "bill" is more common then saying "check". So since you know that, isn't it better to just said "bill" in the first place to prevent yourself from getting into this. Just like when I told me friend "I will take a rain check", they were like "what check". In the first place I should just get it across with simple word like "next time". Owl is a cafe not a language school.