Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Dictator

Now, I can't think of a better advice: you are to come prepared with a box of tissues. It's only for your own good. For this is one hell of a tears-jerker from start to finish (but remember to stay back a tad for some extras), so you are bound to shed buckets of tears.

Tears of laughter, that is. But I was filled with sorrow, truly. For "The Dictator" was my introduction piece to the world of the standout stand-up comedian (for he is truly one of a kind), Sacha Baron Cohen - how I regret not stepping into it earlier - where he is Admiral General Aladeen.

Aladeen is the dictator of his country called the Republic of Wadiya, which not surprisingly, only exists in Sacha Baron Cohen's most fertile imagination, as a co-writer of the script. I guess it really takes some imagination to orchestrate this hell-raising party, no holds barred. "The Dictator" liberally rains digs into gender, racial discrimination, politic (I was wrong about democracy all along! It's definitely over-rated!), and almost everything under the sun, which of course, is power-crazy China's, and he somehow gets away with it. But what really tops it off is that, Sacha Baron Cohen was really convincing in almost every way. After all, he is Aladeen, the Dictator! And I pledge my loyalty to him only.

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