Sunday, May 20, 2012

春嬌與志明 (Love in a Buff)

Decided on watching 《春嬌與志明》 (Love in a Buff) at the last minute. Right after it, my friend said that it is better than part 1. I think it is a classic contemporary love story that most men could relate to. Though it is far from being a epic-sized movie like "The Avengers", curt ambition, relying on a good script and the chemistry between the actors to make the movie work instead with minimum special effect (if there is even any), it left me a deeper impression. More than just the humour (almost Stephan Chow-esque), and there are brilliant scenes of emotional exchanges (yes, at times, the most emotional scenes are the most comical) between the two lead actors that really had me in stitches, it is the small details that make a big difference, or rather the "surprises" or "驚喜" (or small miracles, in my context) in everyday ordinary life, which Ann Hui has spoken about while making "A Simple Life", that make it a standout - thumbs up for Asian movie. The clip is shown at the end of the movie, but I guess it will only make more sense after you have watched the movie. Still, it gives a good laugh.

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