Sunday, May 08, 2011

Another Disappointment...
"But at this stage, looking at her action, in three years time, she would be a different Tin Pei Ling".

I think SM Goh completely missed the point here, and admitted - straight in the faces of the same voters who voted his team in - that TPL is not ready, but note that he did not once admit his flawed judgement of TPL up to this day. I understand and agree that the GRC system is intended to ensure representation in the Parliament for a wide spectrum of citizens, but bringing TPL in to engage the younger generation - which was obviously the original intention - despite her youth and inexperience, is just a lame excuse. No doubt some of the things said about TPL on the web were completely biased, her youth is not an issue. Of course, it's not TPL's fault in wanting to be an MP! Never was!

I think I got carried away in my earlier post. I apologise.

This is the last I would write on this matter, or at least I hope.

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