Sunday, May 08, 2011

Afterthoughts on the Election Results 2011

All in all, there are more positives than negatives for Singaporeans, no doubt. I still believe, and I will say this again and again, that the Parliament needs a alternative voice for balance and check. The results show that Singaporeans are more than willing to vote in any credible party (I despise the term "opposition") despite the thinly-veiled threats and fear factors conducted by LKY himself. For that, I admire your courage, Aljunied voters!

The results show that Singaporeans are more informed than ever, not falling easily for rhetoric and baseless statements (right, as if the property price in Aljunied would drop!). A mixture of strong parties would only but benefit Singapore, providing alternative solutions to matters, diluting party's interest via country's interest. In this instance, I am also heartened by SDP's improved performance (close to 40% for the Bukit Timah-Holland GRC I belong) and their effort to be more constructive. As Mr Tan Jee Say has expressed that this is a government "that has lost its way and moral compass" (in my mind, I see SM Goh having started running the country like a corporation with Ministers', or so-called "CEOs", pay tagged to the country's economic performance), this election would hopefully serve as a wake-up call to the ruling party. One wonders if the people's wish would be heard, and the GRC system would be scraped - I know, this is kind of naive of me. SM Goh's defensive words and actions on the before-mentioned issue and TPL's inclusion haunt me still and I suspect, even more for the next election.

It was kind of sad to see what was probably the last of Chiam See Tong in the political arena, but the man really loves his country - my kudos to him, for having served his people for the best part of 30 years.

Indeed, as Mr Low said, "Your votes tell us that Singapore is not just an economic success...but (also) your home."

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