Sunday, April 24, 2011


for a young friend

I might even pick a sky
when you say your words

of fantasy urging cracks
of laughter eggs to permeate

my tongue, eager to free the air
of two prisoners in invisible cages

of emotional steel tugging
your distance longer than

eyes could see, when even
a sky would not seem so far.


Old Beng said...

How´s the newly open library? It's very near my house and I wish to go there soon.

You also stay in the West? Maybe we can have cooffee 1 day?

mrdes said...

Yo Old Beng,

It's quite big I think, for a library in a mall that is, and has a lot of new books. Only problem is it does not have sofa but only uncomfort plastic chair.

No, I don't stay in the west:)