Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Running: Looking Back / Looking Forward

Was thinking about how there are more and more marathons nowadays. And so have the registration fees for some runs climbed. Then, it struck me: I might as well just give up two 10 KM runs that I had went for the past two years, to pay for one half-marathon. So, for 2011, I may run the Sundown Marathon in May 2011 - half-marathon at $50 - in place of Mount Faber Run (same route, same timing, but carrying a flu this year) and Tiong Bahru Challenge (the stairs are really, really tiring but one of its kind): $35 + $15, if you are a passion card holder. But there is a problem: Sundown will likely be held one week after Passion Run, going by this year calendar. I can't resist thinking of going for the 25 KM for Passion Run ($42, if you are a passion card holder) next year and really like its late-afternoon flag-off, although East Coast Park's narrow running lane somehow still haunt me from my 10 KM's experience this year. No way am I able to run 25 KM and a 21 KM in that short time.

Some marathons to look forward to in 2011:

1) SAFRA Half-marathon (I say, I am definitely not done with it yet!) - Sep 2011
2) New Balance REAL Run (I enjoyed the 15 KM so much this year that I am definitely going next year!) - Oct 2011
3) Yellow Ribbon Run (Despite the common hiccups and low attendance, there is just something different about its atmosphere, even if it's just one week before SAFRA Half-marathon.) - Sep 2011
4) North East Run (At $30.40 with transport provided at a cheap extra $3, cool! Though I still remember the overhead bridges!) - Mar 2011
5) Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 (I actually missed it this year due to my flu. First and only time I missed a run due to illness! Enough said.) - Dec 2011

Sundown or Passion, what do you think?

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