Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lost Me

Don't Cry

Your cries are sharp knives,
your smiles are sunshine
burning, burning in me.

When you grow up, will you
remember the power you have
over me, teeny-weeny me?

Utterly helpless I am
under your binding spell:
Don't cry baby, I'd do anything,

please don't cry,
just smile,
and I'll be right over.

I Have Lost Me

I have lost the words
to see. The sky less blue,
the rain less dreamy in
its mist. I am no longer
a child looking at things
through a kaleidoscope.
I have lost me.

I remember...

Persuasive words pursue a dance
of lips always shipping away
worries into your spacious heart.

Your forgiveness partakes
of my misgivings raining in misty memories.
If only we don't remember.

Being near you is like watching the sea,
Comforting in vastness of presence,
Feeling small even in your breathing.

When you leave my sight
one last time, forever love stays,
or this broken image of it, this memento of it.

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