Sunday, May 30, 2010

歲月神偷 (Echoes Of The Rainbow)

I cried. For a lost era. All stolen by the greatest thief of them all: Time. As KL put it simply: "A good movie." I thought: "Worth every drop of my tears."

If only our lives were as simple, human beings as selfless. Still I believe, a part of me still. I want to believe. A touching, nostalgic story of a movie made with heart. Full of heart. Full of tears brimming my heart. Still.

I know that I can't heap praise enough. Still, thank you, Mr Alex Law, for your direction and screenplay. Thank you, to all the cast: you were all just great. Lastly, perhaps something is not lost, for I see love brimming in this love letter to 60's Hong Kong.

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