Saturday, November 07, 2009


Sleep evading; thoughts emptied of feat. On my bed, sketched out into distance are my lonely feet. Rest and peace of the mind waiting, in eventuality, to leave me in defeat.

P.S.: Sometimes, I can be such a pain in the ass. But that's another story...


Shingo T said...

Get more sleep. It will do your body and soul some good.

On a side note, I follow your blog closely but sometimes am not aware if i should comment, lest I misinterpreted your poems, and appear as an unattentive reader.

My England no powderful. =p

mrdes said...

Thanks for the advice! Same thing my doctor said:P..

Your comments are always welcomed...the fact is I don't always know what I am writing myself...which explains the power of my England:P

On a side note, I too read your blog regularly - I love Japan! - but sometimes I really have nothing to comment, that's me:P