Sunday, November 08, 2009

REAL Run 2009

The alarm rang at the ungodly hour of four. Washed up, took coffee and a snack bar from Seven-Eleven.

I flagged down a taxi - a lone metal box of unblinking eyes - in the silence of the morning air. The cab-driver was chatty, as they usually are, as if to confirm you are human, or to keep themselves awake. He asked where the run is to be held - the typical question.

Climbed up the chartered bus at about 4.50 am, near the taxi-stand at Jurong East MRT station. The man tearing my ticket uttered "Take care". I wondered what exactly he meant. On the bus, I realised my camera's battery had pretty much exhausted, which explained this almost photo-less post.

The wait for the toilet was short, as was for the run. At the start point, one could view the vast expanse of the sea, a pink hue hid under misty, gold-edged clouds. This year, contrary to common belief, the 10 Km runners was flagged off first at 7 AM.

The weather was perfect, very unlike last year. I got past the first 4 KM or so of dirt trail feeling strong. Hitting the taxiway, I guess I must have slowed down as a lot of runners was overtaking me. A black speck of a bird soared in company from the clear blue sky. I picked up my speed nearer the beach and park. Then, it was back to the taxiway. I thought I maintained a rather consistent, fast pace then, while some runners were either walking or falling behind. Because of that, I thought I was going to break my one-hour barrier, which pushed me on, but still missed the mark - though, not by much.

My Result (out on race day - I am impressed!)

Bib: 10MO4484 TimeStart: 07:01:19 CheckPt1: 00:22:54 RkC1: 412 CheckPt2: 00:40:03 RkC2: 550 NetTime: 01:02:53 Total_Finish: 01:03:54 Rank: 663

P.S.: Like C had changed the name on his race bib to "Storm Rider", I will change my to something more "adventurous" for a bigger race next year. C said he will change his to "Hell Raiser".


Plankton McPlank said...

Aha, a fellow runner! Are you by any chance, going to the standard chartered run this december too? :)

mrdes said...

Sorry to say that I am not running the Standard pocket is burnt already...haha. Are you running?

The Merry Traveller said...

Glad that you are still blogging! I always admire people who can run in races simply because i never have the determination to do so.

mrdes said...

Hi The Merry Traveller,

Firstly, thanks for dropping by:) Your words seem to imply that I have known you previously as a blogger? Are you Alphabet Moppet? Pardon me if I've guessed wrong...