Sunday, September 13, 2009


Found the below exchange on the ST Discussion Board:


Today, 05:36 AM
Good morning my db friends. I am xiaowei the naughty girl from Geylang. I have changed my name to xiaoyen because I was deported after I was charged for being a Solicitor. I am so happy to be back at Geylang. No Geylang, my livlihood is gone.Geylang has truly chamged for the better. It is now well known the world over for good local fare and pretty mei mei from China. Me and my comrades has turned Geylang into a true blue Chinatown. All PRC nationals. Come to Geylang to have good food, friends and a real good fark! Huan yin guang lin. No Geylang your life will be drabs.



Today, 02:46 PM
Xiao. Yen, welcome back to Geylang. W/o you seems no lively. Your mei2 good or not. Can svc ang moh or not? Last week, I bring a Nigerian to Geylang, but many mei2 don't want, why ah? Cannot like that lah, we must go international. We must make Geylang like King Cross or Soi Cowboy in Thailand or in Amsterdam. Geylang Go-Go, gud name or not.


A "Solicitor" (no, not one of those who goes to court. Wait a minute, she did go to court!) and a pimp obviously proud of his profession. Interesting. Say, I wonder what is "db friends"...

I reported them, being the self-righteous person I am.

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*Giving Des a pat on the back*

Way to go buddy!