Sunday, September 13, 2009

Royston Tan's "Little Note 小字条"

I don't remember if I've ever written a review for a short film, so let's just take this as my first. I guess, in many ways, a short film is like a poem compared to a novel: condensed, intense and where less is more. Indeed, "Little Note" is perfect in its length and aura.

It did bother me at first: What can a film tell within 15 minutes? "Little Note" has a simple plot: The unconditional love and support shown by a single mother for her only child. I think it takes a high level of skill from its director and writer, Royston Tan, to tell a story this short and simple, yet to be able to move its audiences to tears, without leaving any gap in narrative. To me, this is most admirable.

Perhaps the film-length helped, but I found myself hanging on to each vivid, picturesque image, long after they passed. Some of my favourites inevitably involve the brilliant clouds, green hills and bicycle rides - all simple things ascended to exquisiteness.

Set against an olden days kampong, the cast put up more than a competent, seamless performance. The dialogues are spare and kept simple, leaving the beautiful score, composed by Funkie Monkies’ Eric Ng and Jim Lim, to work its sentimental charm.


Miss Poh said...

Hi Mrdes, thanks for reviewing Little Note! Did you attend the Gala Premiere? I'm the publicist for the film and would like to put a link to this blog post on our Facebook page:

Hope you're fine with this, and do advise how I should acknowledge you.
Thank you!

Yong Hui

mrdes said...

Hi Yong Hui,

Yes, I was invited by to attend the Gala Premiere and to write this review. I am okay with the post being linked.


Shingo T said...

Didn't know there is such a show.

mrdes said...

Hi Shingo T,

And understandably so, because it has been released as DVD without public viewing at cinema.