Friday, April 10, 2009

Post-dated: A Burlesque of Love in Singapore

I don’t really know what to make of it at first. Though, I think it’s kind of sad that Mr. Teo can’t seem to find a wife to stay long with him – his second one, a Vietnamese recovering from a coma, sneaked out of the country, following his first from Indonesia. There’s nothing wrong in wanting a wife for company, to cook a home meal or two. Somehow that doesn’t seem to come out right - from me, that is. Some may say: well, he was only a newspaper vendor, he should have known better than to expect another life away from a struggle against poverty and hunger. And does he really think he can afford to feed a family? Alright, I am just going to say it: in fact, I think most Singaporean women would see Mr Teo in all the aforementioned prognoses.

Part of me actually assents to them, yet another part thinks they are most brutal and insensitive – the prognoses, that is. No, there is no sarcasm here, just pure acceptance: it’s a woman’s prerogative to attach conditions for her future life partner. Similarly, a guy looks for the most enticing, flawless of feminine face and body.

So, on the other end of the spectrum, does looking for unconditional love put him or her on higher moral ground? Well, sure, but try telling that to the two women who shunned Mr Teo. Believing in true love is akin to believing in “happy ever after”, existing only in fairy tales.

- mrdes, 9 Apr 09

Story link here.

Afterwords: Come to think of it, what has love got to do with Mr Teo's ill-fated affairs with foreign bride? I guess it is just the die-hard romantic in me babbling. Though, I can't veil the dregs of bitterness, from a single man living in a society with high living cost.

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dreamin said...

i think i agree.. how neither side can be blamed. a lot of men seem to be after an appearance and maybe also culinary skills :P

so then women being after money seems kind of fair... very few are after friendship/real love relationships. seems like those are hard to find. :/ unfortunately...