Saturday, April 04, 2009

At the Library...Again.

Call me ignorant, but this guy sitting across from me actually locked his laptop to a portable, filmsy table while he left the lbrary's reading room for some readng material, only coming back like in ten minutes - with his own laptops lock! As if he owns the table, pays for the electrical supply etc. And there is this Indian sitting not far to my left, while I don't really care what he is doing, a bollywood song was bleating from his headphone, most definitely, until I gave him a dagger-stare for attention and a friendly grin for his polite consideration.

This is my second or third - can't much remember - weekend at the library with my notebook, and I seem to have seen it all: the romantic couples, the chattering students, the part-time studying adults, the handphone-glued-to-ear talkers, the snoring uncles. The Indian and the guy across, they are a new breed: the movie buffs at the library. The library sure has evolved to more than just about books. Oops, almost forget, you have also the blogging group or the net surfers.

Now the Indian is at it again. Should I do something about it? Report him - to who? - or throw a punch, which I feel more like doing?

Damn, I just gestured to him. Luckily he takes kindly to it. Just another storm in a teacup.


Anonymous said...

'storm in a teacup' what does that mean? is it an expression?


mee said...

Oh believe you me I've seen everything...

mrdes said...

Hi D,

It's an idiom which means "a situation where people get very angry or worried about something that is not important"


Old Beng said...

Yeah, I also hate those inconsiderate people in the library