Saturday, April 04, 2009

As the Heart Desires

Vast is the sea of yesterdays, ocean-blue, dirty-green, on its corrugated surface the nebulous sky skims. In feathery touches of brilliance, silence in its impassive hiss, frothy walls gallop toward golden sands crescendo, imminently, again and again. Then, gong-like crashes, only scattered, muted.

I miss the sea, I really do. I wish time would turn back, and forth, as the heart desires.

We are seeking heaven-like happiness from the sea, yet what is in the sea that remains elusive? A look into the lover's eyes, to reveal the deepest of emotions, tender and mesmerising, like a candlelight waving in darkness, as the heart desires.

P.S.: Dear readers, here I am again, rambling away. Sometimes I wonder if I even understand my own prose and thoughts. Then again, writing is not necessarily about making sense of things, or so it seems.

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