Saturday, April 11, 2009

About My God II

About My God II

Now, now, don't be puerile.
I cajoled, as God stood facing
the empty wall, sulky lips pouted,
close as if sewn, bleary eyes puffy,
two balls of fists.
Now, talking about ball, how about
a Red's win tonight, with another
Red Devil's loss? Oh, you must hate
the Devil. Maybe, maybe, I may just
believe you a little.
Then God's smile, bright as the sun,
flashed across the room.

P.S.: Tonight. Liverpool vs Blackburn - a tough call without Gerrard. Also another relegation-threatened team in Sunderland battles the Red Devils. God, I need your divine intervention. Please, just this once, show me your power! Alright, I will be praying. *Hands clasped in benediction*


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The Horny Bitch said...

haha. Emo emo then football.. :/