Tuesday, February 10, 2009

EPL's Sacking of Managers

£15m to sack him? No shit. And at this point of the season? Looks like Chelsea have ruled themselves out of the running for silverware. Either that, or they have just shot themselves in the foot.

Also on EPL's manager, I've been telling people at my office that the only way for Liverpool to wrestle the Premier League trophy from Manchester United - next season, that is - is to sack Rafael Benitez. Well, what do you expect? He was given, what? 5 years? Now, look no further than Stamford Bridge - all of seven months!

Then again, if there is one thing I learned, continuation and patience are the keys to a dominant force in a league. Statistics speak for themselves: look no further than the Red Devils.

Conflicting, you think? Well, not really, if you can just sympathise with a long-suffering Pool's fan.

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