Sunday, January 11, 2009

By the River

You probably have passed by this sculpture, if you had been in Singapore. To me, it depicts the children's lives by the river perfectly, with all the playfulness and pureness of childhood. And insofar as my memory serves, I was always fascinated by how the child at the lowest end seems to be suspended in mid-air.(Damn, I think my hands were shaking at this one, that's why it's blurred.)"Wait, wait! Wait for me!" And they all went tumbling down.No, I didn't just upload this from some Singapore tourism website, though, I think it is postcard-perfect.Now, I was standing on this bridge built more than a hundred years ago (1869, to be precise.), a relic of our colony's past, and I couldn't help but thought of EPL. (The Cavenagh Bridge was named after Colonel (later Major-General) Orfeur Cavenagh, the Governor of the Straits Settlements from 1859-1867) I know, this is silly, but in my younger days, my friends and I used to deliberate if the "Big League Soccer" was a remnant of that colonisation mindset which deems all things English as the best. Look, I even spelled with "-ise" instead of "-ize". Okay, now I am walking on thin ice: I was taught Queen's English in School, not that it is the best.The contemporary giants towering above the quaint ancients.


Coachdad said...

I love the sculpture...great pic of it and nice site!

The Horny Bitch said...

A little early for National Day sentiments.. =)

Anw, ABU. Hope Liverpool don screw up =)