Friday, December 19, 2008


promise friend to attend toastmaster club's meeting this evening but don't feel like going the match this sunday going with KL am excited hope lions roar can't imagine his first visit football at national stadium first leg lucky to get draw if there're seasons...back in Apr faster faster ask people to watch with me damn no response tickets sale starts jan reading spring snow makes me sleepy last night but great literature in-depth characterisation what i like but profound need a lot of brain juice to read paragraph again again love to read words aloud like honey in mouth shooting in small india not what expected photography takes energy perseverance resilience thick skin but still fun saw lady from china nearly knock by bus taking photo indian temple at traffic light stupid woman daughter should know better watched rabbit without ears german film long time didn't watch expect arty-farty but conventional hollywood stuff still witty funny off for lunch beach to read shoot ciao

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