Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post-dated: 追月 - The Moon Chaser

Ears plugged with J-Rock - Luna Sea to be specific - I jogged down the badly-lit lane, each step on cement slab, some jutted out on one side, as if there had been a volcano eruption or earthquake. As things are not just black or white in life, the road home was winding, tortuous. I suddenly realised that vicissitudes are what make one's life engaging and less drab; we learn best that way.

You would have thought I was alone - I wasn't. There was the full moon, ever bright, following my every move. I started chasing it, as it galloped faster and faster, sparkling white as Pegasus, in a dream, as a hope.

I was chasing the moon, though I knew I could never catch up with it. Let others scorn or sneer at my folly, I wouldn't mind one bit.

23 Dec 07 2333 hrs

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